World Rare Genes Day 2015

I decided to start my own thread for ‪#‎WorldRareGenesDay‬, and I thought I'd do my bit for raising awareness. Some people fight daily with battles unknown to their friends, as they don't allow the world to see them as a victim, and I hope thats the way you see me. So I'm going to tell you 5 small facts about myself that you may not know, to show how life-limiting illness do not need to rule our lives. Hopefully, some of my friends with NMD's will do the same? 
1. My condition is called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, I'm type 2.
2. My parents were told I wouldn't reach my 2nd birthday, I'm now 27 so thats a 1350% increase in life, suck it doctors!
3. A common cold can hospitalise me, so if I'm cautious to see you after an illness, please don't think I'm simply being a princess. I only have 20% lung function.
4. I could walk until I was 11 years old, with a frame and splints. My furthest trek was a whopping 23 meters along my primary school corridor!
5. I had spinal surgery at 13, with two metals rods place either side of my spine. I was told I'd stay in hospital for 5 weeks, but was let loose after only 17 days due to my determination. I'm still a little sad that I'm neither magnetic, or beep through customs security though...