Having a backup: The ProMove transfer sling

As you've already read, I'll be taking my Molift Smart Hoist with me for the trip, but sometimes its nice to know I have an emergency back up when needed. Having been stuck in a hotel fire before and the lifts turned off, I'm ruthless with knowing the evacuation policies of hotels during my time there, and refuse to stay in any room other than ground floor if I'm staying with only one person. Lucky for me, having a PA and David means that I feel safer staying above ground floor.

I have a very old transfer seat sling that must be pushing 15 years old. We've all tried them, they're uncomfortable and not especially supportive, but they help two-four people transfer patients when hoists and lifts can't. I know some lift with a sling in the same purpose, but the length straps mean that you're carried so close to the floor, it isn't entirely practical. So anyway I was planning on taking my old transfer sling as an emergency precaution, but then a strike of luck happened when ProMove offered me to try out their new design for the adventure!

First off, what a difference! The ProMove sling is much more customisable with different sizes and head & shoulder extensions meaning that the sling is far more supportive. The older style transfer seat sling is more boxy and doesn't support me at my hips and waist, it's more rigid as if for a wider person so the space is lost on me. There isn't any head support meaning I tend to topple backwards, and feel very unsafe. The older material is similar to a standard sling for hoisting however it's boxy shape means that it is extremely difficult to slide underneath when in a wheelchair, as the 'one piece' has no means of slipping, just bunching up. If the patient could weight bare for a few seconds to push it underneath it would work, however I can't do this.

So the ProMove supports and fits like a glove, with it's leg supports its so much easier to slip underneath me in two sections just like a standard sling. The foam padding is very comfortable, and gives enough support to my hips and lower spine which need total support. So once the sling is underneath, a person stands either side and lifts on the sturdy handles provided, although if you're a little large you may want two people on each side.

I was also given some extension handles so that the sling could be used in conjunction with a hoist- however, if I was to use this sling regularly I don't think it would be supporting me enough. As a quick transfer, its a fantastic piece of kit but for every day use, my made-to-measure slings suit my needs very well.

I feel much safer in knowing that I have an emergency transfer sling with me during the trip, so in the worst case scenario we have a way out. And, if we decide to not take the hoist in any of the hotels for a one night stay, its a perfect light weight solution! Thank you ProMove!