Day 6: Cannes & Nice in the sunshine

After yet another painful night sleep, it was time for some Southern France sunshine. We headed for an afternoon in Cannes, where we were stuck in a traffic jam for far too long in the heat, and, after a long time we managed to find a parking space that was a good 20 minute walk out of town along by the beach.

The city was beautiful in the sunshine and busy with lots of beautiful people, we had a galette and explored the old port. But in general I didn't think the city was well equipped for wheelchairs at all- pavements were extremely bumpy and uneven, with little steps instead of deep slopes for crossing roads.

Nice too, was really inaccessible this evening. You'd think that with the wealth of the visitors they'd freshen up the facilities but the pavements have been truly awful. Big potholes, sometimes no dropped curbs and little access to restaurants (fortunately most have outdoor seating in good weather), I was really disappointed at how difficult it was. The hotel we are staying at called Ibis Californie Lenval is in a good central location but to be honest the room isn't great for a disabled access room. The room has a third bunk hanging above the double accessible bed, which is great to get the hoist legs underneath but barely enough room for the overhead bar on the hoist. There is very little room but the bathroom is spacious, however you can't get a hoist over the toilet as they have blocked the toilet in. There are only 2 plus sockets in the room so again we have cables everywhere!

Thankfully we found an awesome little restaurant where we ate some delicious food and were serenaded by a classical singer, would recommend to anyone! We say goodbye to France in Monaco tomorrow, looking forward to another day in the sun and hopefully a pain free nights sleep. Love Tori xx