Day 5: An afternoon in Marsaille

I'm sad to say that I woke up from a terrible nights sleep in a lot of pain this morning, I think the long day in Barcelona took its toll on my body and I have terrible sciatica pain in my leg, which is something I've only ever experienced once in my life before. So David jumped in and did the long drive to Marsaille, after successfully refitting the bathroom door.

A few painkillers and a good picnic later I felt much better, and made our way into the old port of Marsaille to find out hotel; Ibis Marsaille Euromedditeranie. First of all, let's talk about parking. What a mess. There ARE disabled spaces on the roadside but they are few and fair between, show no form of time restrictions and are incredibly small: we couldn't get our van into the space that we eventually found, and even if we could have the access to the space was very steep. 

Eventually we conceded and asked the hotel where we could park safely as the town is littered with towing zones so we were too nervous to abandon the poor thing. The hotel own a Q-park underneath the hotel which is fully secured parking for €15 from 5pm - 10am overnight, so that is where we decided to stay. The hotel is very open and accessible, the disabled room is brilliant with lots of room and a nice big disabled bathroom. However the electricity plugs are sparse so we have trailing cables for my mattress which I'll need to tape to the floor so it doesn't get tangled in my hoist when I transfer.

Marsaille is not great for wheelchairs. We took a lovely walk around the fortified harbour point to find a broken stair lift and had to go back on the way we came. The streets are very bumpy and have been refilled causing a million uneven pot holes, and the dropped curbs, where you can find them, are almost impossible to use without a push from a PA as they are very steep and often uneven. So we didn't venture too far, just stuck around the Vieux Port and had a huge portion of Moules Frites, our favourite.

Happy that we have been, but wouldn't necessarily return. Thank you for rekindling my love of French markets, food and wine Marsaille! Love Tori xx


  1. Great review, and as you say the parking looks ridiculous! Onwards and upwards to …....Nice! Glad you enjoyed the Moules and the French markets. X

  2. Hey love your blog posts. Read them everyday. I also have SMA type2 and my dream is to travel mostly to paris are u stopping there?