Day 3: Barcelonas Gothic quarter

Wow. What a beautiful city!! We are completely exhausted after walking miles around Las Ramblas and the gothic quarter, just in awe of how beautiful it all is. I won't be commenting on the access of the hotel (called Hotel 4 Barcelona) as we don't have an accessible room as they don't have one that accommodates three guests, although the room itself is absolutely gorgeous with the breathtaking view shown above. The bathroom door opened into the toilet meaning there was completely no access for me in my hoist, so Wonderboyfriend and SuperPA took the door off its hinges!

Barcelona is a beautiful and vast city, with miles and miles to explore. I've noticed many wheelchair accessible bus around the city but I haven't experienced any myself yet, maybe tomorrow. We tried to return back to our hotel via the metro which I believed to have been mostly accessible, unfortunately all of the south stops are not accessible for wheelchairs. However there is so much information it's difficult to make a mistake on which stops are wheelchair friendly.

Be warned though, not all of the restaurants are accessible as I have noticed both have huge steps. Of course many have outside seating but as the sun as setting it was getting cooler so I wanted to be indoors. We couldn't find a quaint back street restaurant as we were limited on access, but ate tapas and paella in Las Ramblas. There are dropped curbs absolutely everywhere, but be aware that they are usually very short and steep, although manageable. Spain doesn't seem to follow guidelines for ramps or access, as shown in the ridiculous photos below.

Lastly before I drop off to sleep, I wanted to show you the note that somebody left on our car this evening. it made my day.

Good night Barcelona, love Tori x

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