Day 22: Antwerp - Brussels

We woke up quite early and found a waffle stand for breakfast, always a good way go start the day in Belgium! 45 minutes later and we were in Brussels, ready to explore the city which we knew we hada limited time in. Unfortunately yesterday three Jewish people were fatally shot in Brussels so we were conscious that sight seeing may have been affected but thankfully it hasn't been at all.

Our hotel is absolutely stunning, I can't believe the small amount we paid for it as ifs absolutely beautiful. It's called the Citadines St Catherine's and is in a beautiful market square which houses three landmarks and a french food market, great on all accounts. The hotel rooms all contain a fantastic kitchenette which we weren't expecting at all, everything is very clean and modern and has all the latest fixtures and fittings. Sadly the hotel has only given us a room with one double bed and since my PA refused to sleep in the bathtub, we requested a new room. The hotel explained that their computer had caused the problem and upgraded us free of charge to the biggest suite in the hotel, and I'm not joking when I say that it's bigger than our bungalow at home. It's got a little kitchen with a dishwasher and microwave and everything you could need, a dining area, big sofa bed and lovely bedroom. There's also a lounge area downstairs that's really trendy and has free tea and coffee, we are hanging out there now. Access wise it's great, you need to press a bell for the reception go bring a ramp to the front door but everywhere else is great. The floors are all wooden so hoisting isn't a problem, however the receptionist did say that none of the suites have a roll in shower, so I'm glad I only have one night here. Its a fantastic hotel, and a great location. 

We set out in the sunshine in an ambitious attempt to conquer Brussels in a day, deciding to hit all of the big attractions in an anticlockwise circle but knowing we probably wouldn't manage it. How wrong were we?! Brussels is actually fairly small and so we were able to visit everything we wanted to see at a leisurely pace, with time to spare to sit and read this. The grand place and grote markt were great, full of chocolate shops where we had to indulge, everything was luxurious but not as big as you're lead to believe. There was also a nonstop jazz festival in the Center which put everyone in a great mood.

Brussels is extremely cobbly and not maintained well for wheelchairs. The streets rarely have dropped curbs and when they do, they are very steep and in strange places. I didn't enjoy walking around the city due to the bumps and uneven ground, but the views are worth the pain. Anyone visiting the city should be warned of this if they have problems with rough ground with their wheelchair, as mine is pretty rough and tough but did not cope well with the steep slopes that I'm pretty sure wouldn't be approved in the UK. 

This is our last night abroad, I'm so sad it's coming to an end but what an adventure it's been. Off to Bruges tomorrow and back to the UK. Love Tori xx