Day 18: Hamburg - Leeuwarden

That WAS a good night sleep! Although we suffered a little sunburn, we were up early and found a little coffee shop close to the hotel for breakfast where we had the biggest pastries I have ever seen! Access to the motorway was restricted so after many attempts we finally managed to leave Hamburg, later than planned.

Our next stop was Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, to visit a friend a met 13 years ago on holiday in France! As we came into the area I thought it was beautiful, and after our very special tour guide showed us around this gorgeous little city that doesn't get enough recognition, it's safe to say I'll be returning. I love Holland. The people, the atmosphere, the way of life. Never before have I seen a dropped curb marked with a wheelchair symbol, the pavements are all smooth even though are cobble effect (I suppose the city needs to be bike friendly!), with the prettiest houses I've seen. Thank you Tanja, we had a lovely evening with you!

The Grand Hotel Post Plaza is probably my favourite hotel so far, it's not big or fancy but it's a great room. It's very spacious for wheelchairs and hoisting, the legs for perfectly under the bed too. The bathroom is huge and the sink is lowered with all in room accessibility- it also has a really great feature that I've never seen before- the red emergency pull cord is attached all around the wall about a foot up from the floor, so if anyone falls they can reach it from all areas! What an amazing idea! The bedroom is also on the ground floor which is the first hotel that's done this. I LOVE HOLLAND.

Really excited for Amsterdam tomorrow, fingers crossed it stays dry. Love Tori xx