Day 14: Soaked through in Prague

It was still cold wet and miserable when we awoke in Vienna, and the closest place we could find for breakfast was a McCafe, not really what we had in mind but it filled a gap. David had to search the local area as we were running low on Euros and wanted to prepare for toll roads but no banks were open, so we ended up leaving about midday instead of an earlier start. We were planning to drive more west into Austria and up through the south western side of Czech Republic to pass through it's fairy take inspiring villages in the forests and along the riversides like Česky Krumlov, but this was not meant to be. Google maps and my Czech PA estimated it to be a 5hr drive but our sat nav flashed up 7hrs, and that wasn't including any rest stops or time to wander. The rain was so heavy that we could barely see the car in front of us so we decided to take the motorway option instead, which was only 3hrs.

An hour in to the journey it was raining but nothing too much, the Austrian towns were picturesque and we were happier that the rain was easing. Until we crossed the Czech border, and we felt like we were in Vegas! Strip clubs, Casinos, all day night clubs, restaurants with people jousting outside and a huge dinosaur to complete to set- it was really bizarre! But after 20 minutes we were back on windy village roads with the rain pouring down, desperate to find the motorway. And when we did, it was in the poorest condition you could imagine, I wouldn't advise others to use it. I was told it was bad but with the rain so heavy we didn't want to risk being stranded so far from Prague.

The rain thundered down all evening. I haven't seen it so heavy in a long time! Our hotel is on the main road into Prague with good access via accessible underground stations, it's called Hotel Alton. Reception were very helpful in booking us parking at another hotel close by as they couldn't fit our van in their garage, which wasn't too much of an issue. The room is big, the bathroom is perfect for hoist transfers but it smells really badly in there! But the beds are on big wooden bases and are extremely low, so I can't use the hoist and it's difficult to lift from. 

David and I had planned to go to the Cloud 9 Skybar which over looks Prague, but unfortunately we had to skip our booking. We got dressed up, planned our route and underground path, but didn't even manage to find the underground station in the thundering rain without getting soaked through. We kept having to go off route to find dropped curbs, the pavements were flowing with water so I was slipping everywhere, and the pavements were extremely broken and cracked. So we returned to our hotel to dry off without success. Thankfully David found a small but traditional Czech restaurant on our block, we still got wet but it was really tasty, I had TWO huge duck legs with red sauerkraut and some strange dumplings, that were like small chunks of bread squeezed together to form a ball. I'm not going to lie it looked like a brain made of dough. Portion sizes are huge here! And it seems like you're allowed to smoke in restaurants here too, so that wasn't very nice to deal with. Hope it dries up so we can explore tomorrow, I'm swapping PAs tomorrow too. Love Tori xx