Day 10: Through Slovenia and Croatia

What a drive. David did the first bit and I was the ever helpful navigator, snapping photos of the snow-capped Dolomitz mountains on my iPhone in a moving vehicle whilst singing Frozen songs.

We stopped at Rijeka in Croatia for a costal visit but it wasn't really much to look at or explore, a bit hit or miss with lowered curbs or level access shops. We did find a mean looking dark chocolate icecream and the clothes shops were very cheap, though we didn't hang around too long.

The drive to Zagreb was one of the prettiest drives I've ever been on, the roads were smooth and twisty. But the scenery was really beautiful, David and I are now tinkling of buying a logging lodge in the Croatian mountains when we win the lottery! But the temperature dropped to 6 degrees C as we sailed through the clouds. So far, Croatia has been the only country which we have needed to produce our passports in at the border control units, for entering and leaving the country.

Our hotel in Zagreb called Holiday Hotel is huge, the room is big as well but not accessible in the slightest. The bed is made on a wooden block so my leg boosters aren't going to work so well, and the bathroom has an inaccessible bath without a wet room shower. But it's a bed for a night and we are off to Budapest tomorrow. Just had a really nice Croatian dinner: grilled hake with cheese and caper sauce with dice, for a bargain price of £5. Can't complain! Need some sleep, the twisty roads have taken their toll on my hips, love Tori xx