Helpful websites

Keep an eye on this page as we'll continually update it with helpful links about disabled tourism in different countries and cities. Hope it'll help some of you on your own adventures!

Information for Disabled travellers on Brittany Ferries cruises

Public transport for disabled in Barcelona
Disabled metro stations in Barcelona
General accessibility around Barcelona

Blog on access in Zaragoza

Disabled access in Marseille
A blog about disabled access in Nice

Disabled Holiday Directory
Disabled parking in Monaco
A map of accessible Monaco

Disabled access in Venice
Disabled routes around Venice
our SMAll adventure planning Venice
A map of accessible Venice
Disabled Access Holidays in Venice

Tripadvisor guide to disabled access in Milan
A blog on access in Milan
Disabled transport in Milan

Disabled transport in Verona (tripadvisor comment- use red line bus for wheelchairs!)

Disabled bike ride around St Moritz lake

Disabled access in Rijeka

Disabled access in Zagreb
Disabled tourism in Zagreb
Disabled parking in Zagreb

Access in Budapest
Disabled card for Budapest
Proudlock blog on access in Budapest
Tourist facilities for the disabled in Budapest (warning, very outdated)

General access in Bratislava
Tours for the disabled in Bratislava

General access in Vienna
A blog about disabled access in Vienna (including public transport and hotels)

Czech Republic
Disabled travellers in Prague
Disabled public transport in Prague
Disabled access to attractions in Prague

Disabled parking in Hamburg (in German)
Public parking in Hamburg

Barrier free Dresden
Links for disabled access in Dresden (limited)

Disabled access and transport in Berlin
Access to attractions in Berlin

The Netherlands
Dutch Disabled Holidays
Disabled public transport in Amsterdam
Disabled travellers in Amsterdam

Equipment hire in Groningen 

Disabled parking and public transport in Brussels
Disabled traveller information in Brussels
MS Trust blog about access in Brussels
Access for all in Brussels

Sage blog about disabled access in Bruges
Variety of links for access in Bruges