Organising has begun!

Wow, we just can't believe the excitement and positivity that our trip is causing through social media! Thanks for your lovely comments and praise, we really appreciate all of your sweet words.

It's definitely time to write an update on whats been going on with all of the planning stages. We're progressing really well and getting some great feedback from companies, however we've had to slow things down this past week as I've had huge problems with my wheelchair.

I'll be writing a proper blogpost in time about my wheelchair, but I've just taken delivery of a brand new You-Q Luca, which seems to be a great chair but I just cant get comfortable with the seating set up. I'm set to book my third seating assessment at the local hospital within the next few days. It's purely because I've been in a Storm 3 wheelchair for about 10 years and so I know the set-up, and my body has grown with it, but the footplates and arm rest angles are slightly different in my new chair so it's really affecting my balance and comfort, I'm exhausted! Luckily my wonderful parents and David have been able to tweak nuts and bolts for me in the mean time, but I hope it's sorted soon.

Getting Companies Involved
David and I decided from the very beginning that we wanted to get as many companies who have supported my independence directly involved with this trip, to promote their fantastic work and show others just how much it changed my life.

Sirus responded to my email expressing that they would be so happy to promote our trip to their users and clients, even though I wont be taking their Kangoo abroad! I'm just so thrilled that they're able to user our words and experiences to encourage other disabled drivers to get out and explore!

I'll be meeting with the CEO of GM Coachworks who adapted the electric tailgate ramp and lowered suspension in my new Volkswagen Nevada in September, who seemed extremely excited and eager to learn more about our trip, with hope to sponsor and promote us! Very excited about this!

Unfortunately, Brittany Ferries were unable to offer any form of complimentary accommodation for my PA during our mini cruise from Plymouth, UK to Santander, Spain at the beginning of our journey. They said they would be interested in my reviews of the ship from the eyes of a disabled traveller, but couldn't help me with any further questions. I've travelled with them in the past and hadn't had a problem, so fingers crossed here.

We've Booked Our First Night!
Very excitedly booked our first night stay at an Ibis hotel in Zaragoza, Spain! Our trip is starting to take shape! Have you ever visited our stayed near to Zaragoza? We thought it'd be a nice stop after landing from the ferry port, where we could experience a traditional Spanish lifestyle and visit the Basilicas, before the madness and contemporary vibes in Barcelona. We've booked an Ibis Style disabled access bedroom, I've also contacted Ibis HQ to see if they're able to support our SMAll adventure in any way.

We're also ready to get completely stuck in and bought a copy of Lonely Planet: Europe on a Shoestring, in hope we can research just some of the thousands of attractions and points of interest that we'll pass by on our trip.

I've got my eye on diverting the trip slightly and heading down to the Plitvice National Park in Croatia, but the reviews are extremely mixed between it being quite accessible, to not at all accessible. It has been reviewed as the number one place to visit before you die (even above Machu Picchu and the Grand Canyon??) and we're travelling near to it, so I'd really like to try to visit if it's possible. More research needed here.

Follow Us On Facebook!
I've had so many friend requests over the past week from people all over the world who're interested in our SMAll adventure, and although I'm overwhelmed and very grateful, I try to keep my Facebook personal to close friends and family only. With that in mind, we've created a Facebook group called our SMAll adventure which we'd love you to join. We'll update that more regularly than this blog, which I'd like to keep as a record of our steps throughout the trip.

We're In Business
We had some business cards made that we intend to hand out to people of interest and also the hotels that we visit on the way, so that they are able to read my reviews of their accessibility too. If you can think of anyone who might like to help us on our way, please do get in touch!

That's it for now guys, I think the next post should be about our direct route around Europe so be prepared for a long one! Please do follow us on Facebook, and keep up to date with our fundraising events and latest news.